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Saturday, July 17, 2021 10:55 PM
William H. H. Gist (P1181) (1823–) Katie Matherly (P613) (1898–) Walter Clinton Davidson + Clara Suda Largent (X16) Clara Suda Largent (X18) (1883–1954) Sophie Sabourin (P1700) (1851–1913) Thomas François Xavier Nicolas Groleau + Sophie Mesnard (F58) Adolph Groleau (X150) (1888–1961) Monica Dec (P770) (1951–2010) Joseph Ogeaus St. Germain + Ruby Mae Lambert (F808) Ruby Mae Lambert (RML) (1905–1971) Rolly Hugh Byers (RHB1882) (1882–1954) Jacob Hutton + Harriet Luella Giffin (X764) Ruby Mae Lambert (RML) (1905–1971) Melina Tassé (P1483) (1874–1936) Joseph C. Fronczek (P2668) (1905–1936)