Frank Lafayette Provo I (P1162) , 1837

Frank Lafayette /Provo/ I
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1900 USA Census transcript - Frank Lafayette Provo - Household

Name Rel. RaceSexDOBAgeMCYrsMChBChLBPFBPMBPYOIYUSN/AOccupationMnsUEduEng?Home
Provo, Frank Head W MJul 183763M31--VermontCanada Fr.Canada Fr.FarmerYYYO-F-F-92
——— Abigail Wife W FDec 184851M3164Canada Eng.IrelandIreland311869YYY
——— Frank Son W MJul 187723S--Michigan, USAVermontCanada EngFarm LaborerYYY
——— Charles Son W MJun 187921S--Michigan, USAVermontCanada EngDay LaborerYYY
——— Birdie DaughterW FJan 188218SMichigan, USAVermontCanada EngAt School6YYY
——— Horas Son W MApr 18937S--Michigan, USAVermontCanada EngAt School9YYY

Frank Provo I

from Provo Family History, by Birdie Villeneuve:

Grandpa was Parisian French.  He migrated to this part of the country from the state of Vermont.

He married Abigail Sarah Young in April of 1846 in Foster, Québec and brought her here by boat from Montréal, Québec.  He had evidently met her when he lived in Vermont which was near to Foster.

Grandpa was a carpenter and contractor.  He built some of the first homes in Escanaba.  Two were his own at 206 and 208 South 6th St.  He also lived and farmed at Flat Rock, Michigan.  Grandpa was quite well-to-do and loaned out money.  Thus he came into ownership of quite a lot of property when people failed to pay their loans.

I've been told there is a receipt at the historical Museum in Escanaba for carpentry work he did for someone.

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