Maggie Jane French (P1409) , 18701949 (aged 78 years)

Maggie Jane /French/
Maggie Jane /Payne/
Type of name
married name

Maggie’s Family

History of the French Family (V)

by Otto Ervy French in 1968

1986 additions by Sylvia French Waack in italics

My sister, Maggie Jane French, worked in a laundry in Parsons, KS, where she met Mr. Marion Payne, an M. K. & T. railroad locomotive fireman who later became an engineer.  They were united in marriage at our home on West Grand Avenue, June 21, 1897. They lived at 1601 Stevens Avenue, Parsons, KS.  Two boys were born to them; the first premature, died at birth, and was not named; and Claudie Tinder Payne, born April 12, 1908.  He followed his father in the railroad business, at first as call boy, then fireman and now engineer.

Claudie married Miss Nina Pearl Tipping of Galesburg, KS, on June 5, 1928 and on June 22, 1931, Claudine Delores was born.  She married Mr. Homer Ray Thompson, January 23, 1949.  One child was born to them, Sharon Ree Thompson, Sept. 5, 1949.  They were separated and divorced April 21, 1953.  Claudine worked in Parsons, KS, until she was united in marriage Janaury 23, 1954, to Mr. Richard Leon Barnett.  Born to this union was Vickie Marion, Dec. 1, 1954, still born; Janis Lee, February 1, 1956 and twins born June 8, 1957, Pamela Ann and Paula Sue Barnett.  They live in Altamont, Kansas.

Nina Pearl Payne died October 8, 1949 in her car in the garage by carbon monoxide gas while the motor was running.  Sister Maggie Payne died March 2, 1949 at her home, 1600 Stevens Avenue at the age of 77.  Her husband Marion Payne died May 12, 1954 at home at the age of 84.  Mr. Claudie Payne married the second time to Mrs. Mildred Owen, of Oklahoma City.  They live at 1601 Stevens Avenue, in Parsons.  Claudie Payne has now passed away, but I do not have the date.

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