Horace Columbus Provo (P2160) , 18931966 (aged 73 years)

Horace Columbus /Provo/
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1900 USA Census transcript - Frank Lafayette Provo - Household

Name Rel. RaceSexDOBAgeMCYrsMChBChLBPFBPMBPYOIYUSN/AOccupationMnsUEduEng?Home
Provo, Frank Head W MJul 183763M31--VermontCanada Fr.Canada Fr.FarmerYYYO-F-F-92
——— Abigail Wife W FDec 184851M3164Canada Eng.IrelandIreland311869YYY
——— Frank Son W MJul 187723S--Michigan, USAVermontCanada EngFarm LaborerYYY
——— Charles Son W MJun 187921S--Michigan, USAVermontCanada EngDay LaborerYYY
——— Birdie DaughterW FJan 188218SMichigan, USAVermontCanada EngAt School6YYY
——— Horas Son W MApr 18937S--Michigan, USAVermontCanada EngAt School9YYY

Horace Columbus Provo (Uncle Horace)

from Provo Family History, by Birdie Villeneuve:

Uncle Horace was born when Grandma was 47 years old.  He was good to us kids.  After Grandma died, he always saw to it that we got a little more than an orange and some hard candy in our sock at Christmas time.  Uncle Horace would send a new checker game every year-also dominoes, old maid, and other card games too.  These surely helped to pass the time in the long winter months. He vas a witty person with a quick answer and a twinkle in his eyes.  Grandma and Grandpa gave their sons middle names of famous men as:

  • Dad, ‘Lafayette’ after a French General.
  • Horace, ‘Columbus’ after Christopher Columbus.
  • Charles, ‘Henry’ after Patrick Henry, an American patriot, orator, and statesman.

Uncle Horace was the founder of the Provo Sign Co in 1914 in Escanaba, Michigan.  He served in World War I in the Department of Service Engineers.  He married Ruby Manning of Escanaba, Michigan.  She was born August 28, 1893 in Escanaba and died on February 12, 1974.  She is also buried in the Gardens of Rest Cemetery.

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