William Henry French (P487) , 18391902 (aged 63 years)

William Henry /French/

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Another Old Resident Died Saturday Night; Buried Today

Wm. H. French died at nine o'clock Saturday night at his home on Fourteenth Street after a long illness from consumption and a general breaking down. Mr. French was about 65 years old and one of our old residents who was well and favorably known.  For a number of years he was chief of the fire department and one of his cherished hopes was to see an up-to-date department in this city.  During his terms as chief he always did all he could to improve the department.

By trade he was a blacksmith and wagon builder and followed it successfully, as was a good workman.

He was a member of the Kickapoo lodge of Odd Fellows and always took an active interest in the society and was one of the earnest and faithful workers.

He is survived by his wife and several grown children.

The funeral was held at nine o'clock this morning from the family home, under the auspices of the Kickapoo lodge.  Rev. O. B. Huston conducted the service.

The remains were interred in the Salisbury cemetery and a number of our people followed them to their last resting place.

Charleston Daily Courier,
Monday, October 20, 1902

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