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Robert Dennis Bob Geyer (BG) (1935–2006) Lola Belle St. Germain (P2804) (1927–1999) Dr. Alexander McGahan + Margaret Martha French (F360) Karl Wilhelm Freytag (P276) (1883–1955) Jean Jules Paudois + Ruby Mae Lambert (F779) Chester August C. A. Waack (P1121) (1909–1983) Carol Teresa Fronczek (X306) (1923–2000) Charles Andrew Charley Tompkins + Bertha Lillian Donner (F800) Gwendolyn Belle Gwaltney (P368) (1936–1995) Marcel Leon Paudois (P2817) (1917–2000) George Washington Gist + Mary Swift (X2628) Guy E. Provo (X510) (1951–2015) Charles Frederick Hufendick + Sophie Rathsack (X293) Laura Groleau (X236) (1925–2015) Lillie May French (P454) (1887–1921) Sylvia Pruett (P243) (1911–1924) Charles Laberge (X519) (1739–)