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Charles Frederick Hufendick (P1053) (1843–1926) Charles Frederick Hufendick (P1053) (1843–1926) Arthur Allen French (P1040) (1853–1908) Arthur Allen French (P1040) (1853–1908) Monica Dec (P770) (1951–2010) Clara Emma Longhurst (P230) (1902–1992) Katie Matherly (P613) (1898–) Eleanore Minnie Fraid (P1039) (1934–2010) Chester August C. A. Waack (P1121) (1909–1983) Walter Frank Dec (P1354) (1922–2011) Erastus Drake + Myrtle Strain (F625) Bertha Brady (BB1884) (1884–1918) Francesco Ilacqua (X385) (1889–) Leopold John Demeulder + Anna Ménage (F804) Rolly Hugh Byers (RHB1882) (1882–1954)