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Clara Suda Largent (X18) (1883–1954) Stanislawa Dec + Karolina Nędza (X297) Marcel Leon Paudois (P2817) (1917–2000) Walter Frank Dec (P1354) (1922–2011) Raymond Harold McCoy (P3154) (1931–2012) Ida Della Patison (P1559) (1885–1984) Veronica Fronczek (P1723) (1914–2010) Walter Clinton Davidson (X17) (1878–1943) Gwendolyn Nadine Gwen Clark (P2831) (1928–2013) George H. Provo (P398) (1910–1974) Adolph Groleau (X150) (1888–1961) Edith Winifred Davidson (P2834) (1909–1995) Mary Alice French (P879) (1923–2007) Allen John Jack Groleau (P97) (1932–1991) Alvin Arnold Pomeroy (P723) (1909–1967) Sylvia Marie French (P1068) (1908–2004) Henry Rudolph Byers (HRB1908) (1908–1988) Alvin John Paudois (P2726) (1934–1965) Alvin John Paudois (P2726) (1934–1965) Marcel Leon Paudois (P2817) (1917–2000)