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Victoria Nedza (P1219) (1887–1964) Joséphine Bausset (X209) (1853–1930) Emma Anna Peter (P485) (1885–1935) Joseph Ogeaus St. Germain + Ruby Mae Lambert (F808) Dorcas Almeda Wood (X2434) (1870–1958) Adolph Groleau (X150) (1888–1961) Gwendolyn Belle Gwaltney (P368) (1936–1995) Elias J. Giffin (P1225) (1839–1909) Ruth Eleanore Adams (P553) (1921–1977) Arthur Groleau (X157) (1886–1962) Elias J. Giffin + Mary A. James (X851) Allen John Jack Groleau (P97) (1932–1991) Thomas Ingrum, Sr. + Mary E (Polly) Leatherman (F134) Gary Paul Groleau (P544) (1937–2009) Monica Dec (P770) (1951–2010) Angelina Grandchamp (P2469) (1890–)