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Charles Godfrey Casebeer (P1296) (1879–1965) Timothée Laberge (P13) (1704–) Robert Joseph Mattson (P1444) (1925–2011) Ruby Mae Lambert (RML) (1905–1971) Francesco Ilacqua (X385) (1889–) Charles Godfrey Casebeer (P1296) (1879–1965) Monica Dec (P770) (1951–2010) Edward Lawrence Nookie Groleau (P1311) (1922–1971) Delphise Groleau (P1279) (1862–1919) Francesco Ilacqua (X385) (1889–) Jean Tremblay (X136) (1675–1684) Anna Ménage (P2775) (1880–1925) Martha Ellen Giffin (P1634) (1846–1928) Alvin John Paudois (P2726) (1934–1965) Charles B. Tompkins (X2257) (1871–1937) James A. Wooley (P1809) (1863–1929) James A. Wooley (P1809) (1863–1929) Joseph Nedza (P1306) (1906–1966)