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Allen John Jack Groleau (P97) (1932–1991) Monica Dec (P770) (1951–2010) Michel Groleau (P1094) (1814–) Gerald I. Groleau (P652) (1925–2009) Floyd William Krause (P822) (1920–2011) Delphise Groleau (P1279) (1862–1919) Timothée Laberge (P13) (1704–) Arthur James Art St. Germain (AJSG1924) (1924–2007) Charles Andrew Charley Tompkins + Bertha Lillian Donner (F800) Victoria Nedza (P1219) (1887–1964) William Henry French + Mary Elizabeth Hulen (F409) Fannie Jane Tompkins (X420) (1879–1955) Leopold John Demeulder + Anna Ménage (F804) Henry Casper Risse (P86) (1868–1944) Anna Groleau (P160) (1890–) Katie Matherly (P613) (1898–) Charles Godfrey Casebeer (P1296) (1879–1965) Pepper Dan Groleau (P806) (1958–1992)