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Gwendolyn Belle Gwaltney (P368) (1936–1995) Rolly Hugh Byers (RHB1882) (1882–1954) Monica Dec (P770) (1951–2010) André Iréné Chomel (X269) (1884–1936) William J. Gleason (P2382) (1908–1986) Alvin Arnold Pomeroy (P723) (1909–1967) Frank H. Goss (P1538) (1905–1969) Adolph Groleau + Rose Marie Kellner (X382) William Longhurst + Mary Louise Grandchamp (F139) Chester August C. A. Waack (P1121) (1909–1983) Ida Della Patison (P1559) (1885–1984) John George Ingram (P2475) (1836–1925) Robert Joseph Mattson + Eleanore Minnie Fraid (F1343)