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Anna Ménage (P2775) (1880–1925) Sylvia Marie French (P1068) (1908–2004) Frank Lafayette Provo II (P1647) (1876–1950) Frank Lafayette Provo II (P1647) (1876–1950) Stanislawa Dec + Karolina Nędza (X297) Melina Tassé (P1483) (1874–1936) James A. Wooley (P1809) (1863–1929) James A. Wooley (P1809) (1863–1929) Sophie Sabourin (P1700) (1851–1913) Arthur James Art St. Germain (AJSG1924) (1924–2007) André Iréné Chomel (X269) (1884–1936) Marian Lafrance (P2451) (–1911) David Harris (P2199) (1919–2009) Ruby Mae Lambert (RML) (1905–1971) Monica Dec (P770) (1951–2010)