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Robert James Groleau (P272) (1926–1976) Ruby Mae Lambert (RML) (1905–1971) Marcel Leon Paudois (P2817) (1917–2000) William Longhurst (P1498) (1872–) Alvin John Paudois (P2726) (1934–1965) Loretta Marie Waack (P317) (1934–1985) Alvin John Paudois (P2726) (1934–1965) Rosario IO Groleau (P1643) (1920–2008) Gwendolyn Belle Gwaltney (P368) (1936–1995) Everett Alan Mahannah, Jr. (X2286) (1922–1999) Rolly Hugh Byers (RHB1882) (1882–1954) Julien Joseph Emile Paudois + Marie Joseph Alphonsine Ménage (X106) Martha Ellen Giffin (P1634) (1846–1928) Delphise Groleau (P1279) (1862–1919) Rolly Hugh Byers + Margaret Mae Vickerson (F824) Lillian Juanita Anglin (P364) (1929–2013) Wilhelm Anders Freytag + Katarena Dahlback (F35)