Branches of the Groleau family

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Ruby Mae Lambert (RML) (1905–1971) Johnathan Dakota Cox (P2816) (1995–2003) Suzanne M. Gouin (P2605) (1944–2010) Sylvia Marie French (P1068) (1908–2004) Walter Clinton Davidson (X17) (1878–1943) Jean Jules Paudois + Ruby Mae Lambert (F779) Martha Ellen Giffin (P1634) (1846–1928) Ruth Myrtle Provo (P1520) (1913–1968) Edward Lawrence Nookie Groleau (P1311) (1922–1971) Walter Clinton Davidson + Clara Suda Largent (X16) Peter Roy + Marie Sophie Groleau (F664) Henry Rudolph Byers (HRB1908) (1908–1988) Adolph Groleau (X150) (1888–1961) Delphise Groleau + Marie Paré (F277) Sylvia Marie French (P1068) (1908–2004) Alvin John Paudois (P2726) (1934–1965) William Longhurst + Mary Louise Grandchamp (F139) Clara Emma Longhurst (P230) (1902–1992) William Longhurst + Mary Louise Grandchamp (F139) Gary A. Hiatt (X2701) (1934–2017) Wiley Patison + Mary Alice Mollie Adams (X97)