Edmond Joseph Groleau (P906) , 18961978 (aged 82 years)

Edmond Joseph /Groleau/
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1900 USA Census transcript - Delphise Groleau - Household

Groleau, DolphusHeadWMAug 186237M13--CanadaCanadaCanada101890PFarmer5 YYYO-F-F-18
—— MarieWifeWFFeb 186734M1364CanadaCanadaCanada101890 NNY
—— AdolphSonWMMat 188812S---MICanadaCanada101890at school6YNY
—— AnnaDaughterWFMay 189010S---MICanadaCanada101890at school4YNY
—— PubliusSonWMApr 18946S---MICanadaCanada NNY
—— EdmondSonWMMay 18964S---MI?NA?NA

parents b. Canada-French; occ. machinist

Edmond & Alice Groleau

Edmond Joseph Groleau, 1896-1978
Alice Darien Groleau, 1904-1980

by Laura Groleau Trotter

(edited by Wes Groleau)

Edmund was the youngest of the family of Dolphes and Marie Groleau.  He was born May 20, 1896 in Wilson, Michigan.  He was short, good-looking, and ambitious.

He married Alice Groleau November 14 1920 in St. Jacques, Michigan.  Alice was the daughter of a relative of my grandfather, Tom Groleau.  We don't have proof of the relationship but we believe that Alice's father and Edmond had the same great-grandfather, Pierre Groleau.   Mother and Dad and Alice and Uncle Ed had a double wedding.

They had five children.  Three survived:

Uncle Ed trained as a messenger but did not serve as the Armistice was signed.  They lived in Gladstone on 10th Street and he worked at Marble Arms as a machinist.

They moved to Lanase in 1928 and worked at Ford Motor Co. till it closed.  They then moved to Washington, DC in 1944 and worked at a naval gun factory as a machinist.  That really bothered him as he got older.  They lived at Capitol Heights, Maryland.

He loved nature and animals and shrubs and family.  His last thirty years were spent in Davidsonville, Maryland.  A home he built with a big yard, five and a half acres of garden and nursery.  Though he only had three daughters, he spoke fondly of his sons-in-law I, II, and III.

He was a gentle family man, who reverenced all life, and who was full of love, honesty, and integrity.

He left behind many happy memories.

Uncle Ed died of emphysema September 8, 1978.  I went out there for the funeral, and always felt so bad I was not able to visit them while they were living.

Auntie died two years later.

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