Mary A. James (X850) ,

Mary A. /James/
Mary A. /Giffin/
Type of name
married name

Descendants of Mary A. James (X850)

  1. Generation 1
    1. She married Elias J. Giffin (P1225), son of George Harris Giffin (P345) and Hester Kackley (P121), on December 31, 1885 in Coffey Co., Kansas, USA. He was born on July 17, 1839 in Ohio, USA and died on October 6, 1909 in Ottawa, Franklin Co., Kansas, USA at the age of 70.

Ancestors of Mary A. James (X850)

  1. Generation 1
Peter Hepworth (P510) (1959–2003) Alvin John Paudois (P2726) (1934–1965) Arthur Ingram (P365) (1813–1898) Allan R. Villeneuve (P2490) (1939–2010) Robert James Groleau (P272) (1926–1976) Alvin John Paudois (P2726) (1934–1965) Alvin John Paudois (P2726) (1934–1965) Alvin John Paudois (P2726) (1934–1965) Everett Alan Mahannah, Jr. (X2286) (1922–1999) Sylvia Marie French (P1068) (1908–2004) Wiley Patison (P844) (1853–1931) Robert Joseph Mattson + Eleanore Minnie Fraid (F1343) Ward Isaac Sinclair (WS) (1928–2009) Elmer David Al Groleau (P1142) (1921–1962) Raymond Harold McCoy (P3154) (1931–2012) Suzanne M. Gouin (P2605) (1944–2010) John A. Dec (X241) (1926–1960) Ward Isaac Sinclair (WS) (1928–2009) William Longhurst + Mary Louise Grandchamp (F139) William Longhurst (P1498) (1872–) Chester August C. A. Waack (P1121) (1909–1983) Sylvia Marie French (P1068) (1908–2004)