Ancestors of Otis Chester Adams (X184)

  1. Generation 4
      4 of 8 individuals (50% complete).
    1. Samuel S. French (P59), blacksmith, was born calculated March 19, 1817 in Indiana, USA and died on April 11, 1886.

    2. Nancy Anne Ingram (P423), daughter of Thomas Ingrum, Sr. (P1644) and Mary E (Polly) Leatherman (P635), was born about March 29, 1819 in Shelby Co., Kentucky, USA and died in July 1888.

    3. George Harris Giffin (P345) was born on January 5, 1816 in Virginia, USA and died on April 23, 1870 in Coles Co., Illinois, USA at the age of 54.

    4. Hester Kackley (P121), daughter of Abraham Kackley (P603) and Christina Whissen (P1656), was born calculated January 13, 1810 in Virginia, USA and died on July 1, 1852 in Coles Co., Illinois, USA.

  2. Generation 5 back to top
      4 of 16 individuals (25% complete).
    1. Thomas Ingrum, Sr. (P1644), son of Arthur Ingram (P626) and Elizabeth (P748), was born about 1775 and died about 1845 in Coles Co., Illinois, USA.

    2. Mary E (Polly) Leatherman (P635), daughter of Peter Leatherman, Sr. (X2190) and Anna Maria Schweigert (X2189), was born about 1782 in Kentucky, USA and died about 1870 in Coles Co., Illinois, USA.

    3. Abraham Kackley (P603), son of Elias Kackley (P3866) and Catherine (P3869), was born on October 31, 1771 in North Mountain, Fredericks Co., Virginia, USA and died on June 15, 1849 in Hampshire Co., Virginia, USA at the age of 77.

    4. Christina Whissen (P1656) was born in 1775 in Capon Bridge, Hampshire Co., Virginia, USA.

  3. Generation 6 back to top
      6 of 32 individuals (18.75% complete).
    1. Arthur Ingram (P626) was born about 1769 and died about 1816 in Shelby Co., Kentucky, USA.

    2. Elizabeth (P748) was born about 1773.

    3. Peter Leatherman, Sr. (X2190), son of Hans Daniel Leatherman (X2196) and Maria Catarina Boyer (X2194), was born in 1757 and died in 1845 at the age of 88.

    4. Anna Maria Schweigert (X2189), daughter of Daniel Schweigert (X2195) and Hannah (X2192), was born in 1764 and died in 1835 at the age of 71.

    5. Elias Kackley (P3866), son of Jacob Kackley, Sr. (P3855) and Alice (P3856), was born in 1748 and died in 1819 in Mt. Williams, Frederick Co., Virginia, USA at the age of 71.

Thelma Josephine “Jo” St. Germain (X255) (1925–2007) Monica Dec (P770) (1951–2010) Monica Dec (P770) (1951–2010) Robert James Groleau (P272) (1926–1976) Henry Rudolph Byers (HRB1908) (1908–1988) Johnathan Dakota Cox (P2816) (1995–2003) Ruby Mae Lambert (RML) (1905–1971) Lillian Juanita Anglin (P364) (1929–2013) Sylvia Marie French (P1068) (1908–2004) Jean Jules Paudois + Ruby Mae Lambert (F779) Gary A. Hiatt (X2701) (1934–2017) Joyce … (P2122) (1947–2018) Chester August C. A. Waack (P1121) (1909–1983) Everett Alan Mahannah, Jr. (X2286) (1922–1999) Florence E. Fronczek (P574) (1925–1994) Loretta Marie Waack (P317) (1934–1985) Marcel Leon Paudois (P2817) (1917–2000)