Report - Related individuals

A report of the individuals that are closely related to an individual.


Josephine Fronczek (P2028) (1778–1940) Thomas Edward Manhart French (P1546) (1924–1994) Vyolette L. McKay (X429) (1902–1985) David Taylor French (P608) (1847–1889) Charles Godfrey Casebeer (P1296) (1879–1965) Martha Ellen Giffin (P1634) (1846–1928) Mary Alice French (P879) (1923–2007) Gerald I. Groleau (P652) (1925–2009) Allen John Jack Groleau (P97) (1932–1991) Rose Marie Kellner (X381) (1911–1990) Wiley Patison (P844) (1853–1931) Timothée Laberge (P13) (1704–) Delphise Groleau (P1279) (1862–1919)