Report - Related individuals

A report of the individuals that are closely related to an individual.


Horace Columbus Provo + Ruby Katherine Manning (F676) Herman Freytag (P1670) (1896–1971) Clara Suda Largent (X18) (1883–1954) Robert Joseph Mattson + Eleanore Minnie Fraid (F1343) Mary Alice French (P879) (1923–2007) Anthony J. Vigliotti (P2245) (1922–2010) Florence E. Fronczek (P574) (1925–1994) Lucienne Dolores DeMulder (P2777) (1910–1997) Lillian Juanita Anglin (P364) (1929–2013) Martha Ellen Giffin (P1634) (1846–1928) Wiley Patison + Mary Alice Mollie Adams (X97)